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What is Esprit "The Ultimate" Ski and Sports Club?

A little history.
In 1978 a group of friends met and decided they wanted to be on the 'cutting edge' of skiing and Esprit Ski Club was formed. In March of 1979, Esprit members traveled to their first NBS (National Brotherhood of Skiers) Summit in Sun Valley, Idaho with approximately 200 other NBS skiers. It was during that year Esprit joined the NBS and incorporated as a non-profit organization. To date, an estimated 4,000 plus African-American skiers attend the annual Summit.

In 1993, Esprit changed its name to Esprit Ski & Sports Club, Inc. The goal of Esprit was and remains, to introduce minorities to the sport of skiing. In 2000 the name was changed to Esprit The Ultimate Ski & Sports Club.

Esprit functions under the umbrellas of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS), as well as the Cleveland Metro Ski Council. The goals of the NBS include the funding, development and support of an African-American youth to the competitive level of the Olympic Ski Team.

Esprit has been instrumental in providing funding for ski lessons, as well as local and international trips for a number of African-American youth. Esprit's active involvement in skiing through its members has produced National Ski Patrol members, PSIA Certified Ski Instuctors as well as many, many fun-loving African-Americans who just love the sport!

Our Club

Esprit is always on the move! As a result of increased membership and a peaked interest in summer sports, Esprit decided to meet the needs of its members. Our activities include the Annual Racquetball and Splash parties, both held during off-ski season. We also enjoy camping, bike riding, golfing, roller-skating, tennis, white water rafting, traveling, just to name a few.

Our members come from all over the United States. Therefore, we encourage all to take advantage of the wonderful experience of skiing and invite you to join Esprit "The Ultimate" Ski and Sports Club and enjoy winter to its fullest!

National Brotherhood of Skiers
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