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Ski Essentials

Not sure what you need? Well, here's a quick overview to get you on the slopes in the right gear.

A Medical Liability Release Form must be completed and on file with the trip captain before participating on any Esprit "The Ultimate" Ski and Sports club trips.


Function over style matters, so select the one that fits and works properly. Goggles can help with the snow and sun glare.

Face & Neck

Turtlenecks work, but you may want to try a gaiter or balaclava if you want more coverage.

Upper Under

Layering your clothing will allow you to remove clothing if you get too warm. Synthetic materials work well because they are breathable.

Upper Outer

The key here is to be protected from the elements (wind, water), but not so much that you're not able to move comfortably.


No knit gloves or mittens. Make sure they are designed for skiing. No popsicle fingers.


Some instructors delay using them during lessons for new skiers until the student is ready.

Lower Under

Jeans are not recommended, instead find something that clearly labeled "base layer."

Lower Outer

The bib is totally optional. But since snow will be under you everywhere you go, a pair of these are a must. Or you could go vintage and opt for the full body version.


We recommend taking two pairs of "non-ribbed" wool or thermal socks in case the first pair gets soaked. No popsicle toes either.

Boots & Skis*

Professional fitters are the key resource for ensuring your skis and bindings are accurate for your height, weight and skill level.

* These items can tyically be rented at the resort.

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